Friday, June 19, 2009

Royal Princess Fire Status Updated

In order to fully assess the impact of the engine fire that occurred yesterday, we plan to bring Royal Princess back into Port Said, Egypt today. The assessment process includes flying various technical experts and regulatory authorities to the ship for a complete inspection, and they should be arriving onboard by this evening. So while our own assessment will occur throughout the day today, we expect the full assessment to be complete on Saturday. This means Royal Princess will be spending Friday and Saturday in Port Said.

Our ship's crew, local representatives ashore and the Princess Care Team, who are currently en route to the ship, will be doing their best to make passengers comfortable during this time, and it is also our intention to make tours available for passengers.

Once the assessment is complete we will have an understanding of how the remainder of the cruise, or any future sailing, will be affected, and also what compensation we will be offering to passengers. We understand this is a disappointing development, and we apologize for the disruption to our passengers' cruise. We will be keeping our passengers fully informed throughout this process and we deeply appreciate their patience and understanding.

Princess Cruises will continue to provide regular updates.

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Anonymous said...

My son and his wife is on board. They have stayed intouch with us by cell phone. They are on a honeymoon cruise. It is now 12:00 noon and my son said the biggest problem is the heat. They have no ac and it is very hot in the rooms. I think it would be good if they offered tours to get them off the ship due to the heat. We are very glad they are safe!!!
Concerned Mother