Monday, July 27, 2009

Cruise Ship Spas: Stay Fit & Feel Great At Sea

With all the usual pampering and service in luxurious surroundings, simply being on a cruise can be a stress-reducing experience. Add to that the menu of spa and salon services at your fingertips and you have a recipe for total sensory pleasure.

Cruise Diva takes a look at Cruise Ship Spas and, believe it or not, some items on the spa "menu" sound good enough to eat. After indulging in a treatment, wouldn't it be heavenly to have the relaxation room aboard Celebrity Solstice (pictured here) as a haven?

A popular Cruise Directors' quip during debarkation briefings is, "You came on as passengers, you'll be leaving as cargo." While it's meant as a joke, it does contain a ring of truth. Food, tasty and plentiful, is available 24-hours a day on most cruise ships. Vacations, especially cruise vacations, can be hazardous to your waistline if you aren't careful.

After all that relaxing, not to mention the abundant food, will you be "buff" or "buffet" at the end of your cruise? Maintaining an exercise regimen at sea is no sweat in your ship's Fitness Center.

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