Monday, December 28, 2009

Cruise Travel Planning & Packing Tips

Duct tape... is it really a necessity? Judging by the number of people who ask to borrow it—the answer is a resounding YES!

For added luggage security, there's nothing like duct tape. Wrapped around suitcases, it keeps them relatively secure in worst case scenarios, such as zipper blow out or broken hinges and clasps. Tape also discourages random pilferage by baggage handlers. Why would anyone bother with your taped bag when others are not even locked? Plus, it gives your suitcases a bit of frequent traveler panache—"shabby chic," if you will. As the photo here illustrates, for an emergency repair, there's nothing as handy as duct tape.

Have DUCK Tape, Will Travel highlights the uses for this cruising travel necessity. It's NOT your father's duct tape (its generic name) and it no longer belongs in the garage. has dozens of handy hints to make your cruise travel easier and less stressful. Visit Cruise Travel Planning & Packing Tips to check out more of our favorites.


Donna Hull said...

Thanks for the duct tape reminder. I have fallen out of the habit of taking some along. It sure comes in handy if luggage malfunctions.

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

You're welcome, Donna!