Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update on Star Princess Departure from Valparaiso, Chile

From Princess Cruises:

We can confirm that all passengers able to reach Star Princess are now onboard and the ship has prepared to sail from Valparaiso. Our decision to remain in Valparaiso was a necessary one due to the closure of the airport over the weekend and subsequent reduced flight schedules through today, and allowed many additional passengers to reach the ship.

This delayed departure does require us to alter the remainder of the itinerary. Regrettably, we will be dropping the ports calls of Punta Arenas and Stanley, and the scenic cruising of Cape Horn. The new itinerary will continue to call in Ushuaia on March 8, Montevideo on March 12, and Buenos Aires on March 13. For details of the times in each port, please contact Princess Reservations.

Passengers who were unable to join Star Princess in Valparaiso may continue to secure alternate flight arrangements and join the ship at one of the ports on the new itinerary. Princess Reservations is in the process of making call-outs to passengers, advising of this option. If you have made plans to join the ship, please contact Princess Reservations with your flight schedule and planned port of embarkation.

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding and we hope you are able to join us onboard Star Princess.


Anonymous said...

What Princess is not saying is that the only place you can reach them enroute is Montevideo with only 4 days of the 2 week cruise remaining. And since you couldn't get to Santiago they consider it a voluntary cancellation and impose penalties, ie no refunds. The ethical thing to do is to admit its cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Wheres your decency PRINCESS??
How many of the 2200 were able to get there, 500? Not to refund fully all those who purchased insurance is reprehensible, and those who could not get there because of canceled flights should be fully refunded as well. Do the right thing Princess!
John R.