Monday, December 13, 2010

New Cruise Review: Celebrity Century

The review of a first-time cruisers' experience aboard Celebrity Century reveals unmet expectations on a short Western Caribbean itinerary and some misconceptions about cruise travel.

Identified only as Robindebbieusa in email to Cruise Diva, the reviewer says, "My purpose for writing this review is to try to help someone else who is in a similar position to me, having travelled extensively and stayed in very nice hotels but considering giving a short cruise a try. If you are determined to try, my recommendation is to go with a much newer ship with better facilities and to reserve a large cabin with balcony."

Robindebbieusa also shares, "Finally, I am noting some tips/information which are not a direct criticism of Celebrity as I would think all cruise liners are the same but they caught us by surprise and might be useful for anyone who is new to cruising."

We hope they will give cruising another try and agree with some of their advice for new cruisers.

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