Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seabourn Sojourn: “Caviar in the Surf”

As we tendered ashore for Seabourn’s signature “Caviar in the Surf” Beach Barbeque our expectations were high and they were met from the moment we stepped on the dock at Isla Catalina. To say that the officers and staff of Seabourn Sojourn know how to throw a party is an understatement.

Whether full sun or shade was your preference, there were lounge chairs available beneath umbrellas (or not) for either choice. Stewards circulated amongst the guests offering cold beverages, icy towels, sun screen lotions, and spritzing us with cooling mists. For water sports fans there was snorkel gear, kayaks, water skiing, banana boat rides, and even a sedate paddle boat.

Seabourn Sojourn’s culinary staff prepared a superb barbeque that not only featured burgers and dogs, but also shrimp skewers, steak, and lobster and enough side dishes to satisfy even the largest appetite. Oh yes, and there was ice cream for dessert.

However, the biggest draw on the beach was the arrival of caviar and champagne. Announced by Seabourn Sojourn’s horn, the ship’s officers zipped toward shore on zodiacs, hopped into the water (in their uniforms) and began serving their guests.

As is the case with all good things, our carefree day at the beach came to an end, but not before I was told just to leave used towels and empty glasses where they were. From the thoughtfully provided Molton Brown lotion in the bathrooms to the endless supply of… well… whatever we wanted, it was an unforgettable day of pampering and fun in the sun.


Filip Demuinck said...

Sounds very tempting to book a cruise with seabourn. How is the entertainment on board of such a small ship?


Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

We enjoyed the entertainment very much. The theater is ideally suited for cabaret-style shows and the lounges featured a piano player in one and a band in another that played a variety of music for easy listening and dancing. The lectures were also very intetesting.

If you just want to relax in your suite, there are a good selection of on-demand movies to choose from.

Hope that helps tempt you even more. I'll be completing a wrap-up article on in the coming week with more details.


Florida Keys Girl said...


I have been so jealous reading your blog posts... until now! IT looks like we will be going on the Quest in the Caribbean in Dec. Woohoo! I am most looking forward to sitting wherever with a glass of champagne in hand for 12 days!