Monday, March 14, 2011

New Cruise Review: Sea Princess, sailing from Barbados

You say you didn't realize that Barbados is an embarkation port for cruises? You're probably not alone; however, there are several cruise lines that homeport ships there seasonally, including Princess Cruises.

Who arrives in Barbados to sail? Passengers hail from all over, but some cruises attract large numbers of them from Great Britain. That's what Canadians Rob and Liz Holloway discovered when they flew to Barbados to visit family there and sail on a "Barbados & Islands" cruise aboard Sea Princess. Rob says, "The ship is about 2,200 passengers of which we had 1,915 Brits on board, 25 USA, 26 Canadians, and a mix of others, which means when the sun is out then you better get a lounge chair early as all the Brits will be SUNNING themselves."

Join Rob and Liz as they embark in Barbados and share a review of their 14-night Sea Princess cruise.

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Anonymous said...

They won't be sunning themselves for long. No one burns in the Caribbean sun like a Brit.