Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Caribbean Wants You To Sleep Like Royalty

You slept like a baby on your last cruise with them and Royal Caribbean wants you to have the same nightly comfort at home. To make that possible, the cruise line has launched the Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection, providing you with the opportunity to recreate your onboard sleep experience–from mattress to pillow and duvets to pillow cases–in your own bedroom. Manufactured exclusively for Royal Caribbean in Italy, the collection is designed to provide the regenerative comfort of a vacation-night rest and features a full-line of bedding essentials that are now available for purchase at By the way, that’s Adam Goldstein, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean, illustrating the advantages of the bedding, but we don’t think the models, or the Martini, come with the set. Nor are pillow chocolates offered.

“In line with our Royal Advantage program, the Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection was chosen with care to offer the indulgent sleep experience that they [guests] enjoy onboard and longed and requested to bring home,” said Lisa Bauer, senior vice president of Hotel Operations, Royal Caribbean Intl. “Guests can continue to experience the WOW at home with a good night’s rest with our signature bedding, designed for comfort and, most important, quality. The new bedding collection offers consumers a little Royal Caribbean cruise vacation at the end of every day.”

The collection, made by Matermoll & Emmebiesse and imported from Italy, features two types of mattresses, the Royal Mattress and the Royal Suite mattress. Also available are two types of pillow top pads–the Royal Pillow Top Pad and Royal Memory Pillow Top Pad–and two types of pillows–Royal Memory Pillow and Royal Sweet Dream Pillow. The complete bedding set includes: fitted sheet with corners, flat sheet embroidered with the Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor logo, which arrive in an elegant Cofanneto gift box, plus two pillowcases, two Royal Sweet Dream Pillows and a duvet cover with buttons. Each item, available in various sizes, is designed and engineered to deliver, deep, restorative sleep, night after night. Items in the collection are available for purchase separately or in sets, with shipping to the U.S. and Canada. We understand the mattresses larger than twin size do not come with a signature cruise ship “split” down the middle.

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