Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bravo, Norwegian Gem: Nightmare At Sea Ends Well

Imagine sailing your 39-foot sailboat Sanctuary in the North Atlantic when the sea turns ugly and you are still 350 miles from land. Then imagine your boat is taking on water after it has lost power. To make matters worse, your life raft is swept away. That's the nightmare situation five Canadians found themselves in last Saturday, Oct 29th. As we reported in Norwegian Gem Rescues Storm Tossed North Atlantic Sailors, their lives were saved when Norwegian Cruise Line's New York-bound cruise ship Norwegian Gem changed course and came to their rescue.

This dramatic video shot by a passenger aboard Norwegian Gem illustrates the terrible conditions and bravery of all involved.

"This rescue operation was conducted under extremely difficult circumstances," said Norwegian Gem's Captain Svedung. "I am proud of our crew who braved their lives to rescue the five people in distress."

Well done, Norwegian Gem!

Video Courtesy of dianethx

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