Monday, November 21, 2011

Won't You Let Me Take You On A World Cruise?

World Cruise. Those two words set some travelers' hearts aflutter. And it's simple to see why. There's no easier way to see a vast swath of the world's most treasured destinations than on a World Cruise.

While chatting recently with a good friend about the preparations she and her husband are making before they depart on a World Cruise in January, memories of my last voyage aboard Silversea Cruises' Silver Spirit came to mind.

Sadly, a World Cruise is out of reach for many of us who have neither the necessary time or disposable income. Happily, it's possible to participate in "segments" as my husband Mel and I did earlier this year when we boarded Silver Spirit in Barcelona to sail the final segment of her maiden World Cruise that came to an end ten days later in Southampton.

Cruise Diva invites you to come along on aboard Silversea Cruises' newest vessel, Silver Spirit for Luxury Cruising Around the World.

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