Thursday, January 19, 2012

Epic Entertainment on Norwegian Epic

Cruise ship shows generally consist of troupes of talented singers and dancers performing songs from Broadway musicals and other themed productions that might feature medleys of tunes by popular artists. That’s not what you’ll find here aboard Norwegian Epic.

The Epic Theater is quite simply the site of the most spectacular extravaganzas at sea. All the way from Las Vegas, we’ve enjoyed Blue Man Group and Legends in Concert—shows that would command hundreds of dollars for tickets in Vegas and for which there is no additional charge on Norwegian Epic. They weren’t skimpy watered-down versions either..

Blue Man Group is a production that has to be seen to be believed. Creative doesn’t begin to describe it. Each of the three Blue Men is a gifted artist and collectively they are masters of the sideways glance. Without a word being spoken the hilarious show even includes audience participation. I don’t want to give too much away because their antic surprises are the highlight of the show. Some of us who have seen Blue Man Group on land agreed that their show on Norwegian Epic was even better

The Legends in Concert cast on our cruise included Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga, and the King of Rock ’n Roll himself, Elvis. Each impersonator captured the look, the sound, and the movements of their artist so perfectly that they were totally in sync with videos being shown of the artists themselves in concert. Lady Gaga was particularly striking in outrageous costumes and make up, while Elvis initially appeared all in black leather before changing into one of the famous white jumpsuits complete with cape. Also impressive were the band and back-up singers and dancers.

Although the shows are included in your cruise fare, you do have to make reservations as seating is limited. However, everyone has the opportunity to see each show as there are multiple performances scheduled. Theater doors open about 45 minutes before show time, but you don’t have to get there that early to get a good seat. The Epic Theater doesn’t have a bad seat in the house—there are no columns and the sightlines are unobstructed.

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The "Blue Man Group" themselves is almost enough to get me to book a cruise on the "Epic"...

I'd not read a review of their on-board performance until now and my questions were answered and I got some additional good information that makes we want an Epic cruise soon.uncli