Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Luggage Tag Holders for UK Cruisers

As we reported on some time ago, while most passengers have no complaint about printing e-documents for their cruise, luggage tags printed on paper are a cause for concern. At that time we presented An Updated Paper Luggage Tag Solution, but our two suppliers, Favors by Serendipity and WCBS4 Printing are both located in the U.S.

Sadly, our U.K. cruise mates looking for the tag holders found the overseas shipping charges prohibitive.
However, the good news for them is that Thanet Direct, the online shop of Thanet Plastics Ltd, a trade manufacturer based in Kent England, now offers similar luggage tag holders in three styles.

Standard Luggage E-tag holder
Standard Luggage E-tag holder £4.00 (for 2)
Keep your luggage tag secure and dry. This is made from strong clear vinyl, reinforced with a metal eyelet making it rip proof. It can be read from both sides and comes complete with a 150mm vinyl loop, which will keep it securely fastened to your suitcase handle.

Deluxe Luggage E-tag holder
Deluxe Luggage E-tag holder £5.00 (for 2)
Similar to the Standard E-tag holder, this style is made from strong clear vinyl, reinforced with a metal eyelet making it rip proof. It can be read both sides and comes complete with a 150mm vinyl loop. In addition it has a white top and tail on which “CRUISING” is printed in blue.

Supreme Luggage E-tag holder £7.00 (for 2)
Supreme Luggage E-tag holder
This is the top of the range E-ticket holder with welded out clear panels and a clear reinforced centre with a blue leather effect border with “CRUISING” printed in gold and comes complete with a leather strap for affixing to your suitcase handle.

All Cruise E-Tag Luggage holders are registered designed products and are all made to take A4 and American Quarto paper sizes (8½” x 11”) when folded for your printed E-tag. They can be used over and over again so you'll never again have to use sticky tape for laminating or a stapler to attach the E-tags. Simply fold up your printed paper tags, insert them into your holders, and look forward to a pleasant cruise with no worries about the security of your paper luggage tags.

Images Courtesy of Thanet Direct


John55 said...

As a regular cruiser, I don't buy luggage tag holders. I find them expensive for what they are. You can easily make your own!

I did find someone post a guide on how to make a tag holder on here [url][/url]

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

I've also "laminated" the paper tags with wide transparent tape before attaching them to luggage handles. However, it's a hassle to have to carry a stapler and extra tape in your hand luggage if you're flying to port. It's also time consuming to attach them after you get your luggage at the airport. The vinyl holders really are more convenient--they only take seconds to attach and are cost effective if you use them a lot.

Best, Linda

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