Monday, September 10, 2012

New Cruise Review: The More, The Merrier At Sea Aboard Disney Fantasy!

When it comes to getting the family together for a reunion, or simply an enjoyable time with one another, a cruise can be the ideal venue for everyone.

As my friend and colleague Georgina Cruz says, "Through the years, we have enjoyed more than a dozen three-generational get-togethers afloat. Why? Because on a cruise ship, no member of the party gets stuck with the cooking, cleaning and other chores for a family gathering or reunion, and, just as important, because on a ship there is something for all ages with plenty of activities and entertainment for the whole family."

Welcome aboard a fun-filled, triple-generation family cruise with Georgina, her husband Humberto, their daughter Veronica, and grandsons Aidan, 11, and Julian, 8 aboard Disney Cruise Line's beautiful new Disney Fantasy. Explore the ship—with its activities, entertainment, and food—as well as the ports of call they enjoyed.

Image Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

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