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Carnival Cruise Lines Announces 'Carnival LIVE Concert Series'

We've always felt that there's good entertainment to be found on cruises and have often marveled that we didn't have to pay extra to enjoy it. That's about to change with Carnival Cruise Lines' announcement that they are set to bring the best in live music to the seas. A first-of-its-kind experience in the cruise industry, the Carnival LIVE Concert Series offers Carnival guests the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive onboard performance by a diverse roster of popular music artists while ships are docked at select ports of call... but it won't be included in the cruise fare.

Beginning in April 2014, Carnival LIVE concerts will take place on board eight Carnival ships that call in the following ports: Cozumel, Mexico; Nassau, the Bahamas; and Catalina Island, California. Artists will join the ship while in port, perform in the main show lounge that evening, and debark following their show.

Tickets cost $20-$40 each and a limited number of VIP tickets are also available for each show for $100-$150 each. The VIP experience includes an artist meet and greet, photo opportunity, seating in the first three rows and a commemorative laminated concert pass. All tickets can be purchased through Carnival's online Shore Excursion System prior to sailing, or on board participating ships at the Shore Excursion Desk based on availability.

Carnival has booked 49 performance dates for the 2014 concert series with the following artists:
-- 38 Special
-- Chicago
-- Daughtry
-- Foreigner
-- Gavin DeGraw
-- Jennifer Hudson
-- Jewel
-- Kansas
-- Lady Antebellum
-- LeAnn Rimes
-- Martina McBride
-- Olivia Newton-John
-- REO Speedwagon
-- Trace Adkins
"Performing live is one of my favorite things," said GRAMMY® Award-winner, Jennifer Hudson at an exclusive launch event for Carnival LIVE in New York City yesterday. "I'm excited to be part of this unique concert series that will allow me to interact with my fans in such an intimate and memorable setting."

In addition to the Carnival LIVE Concert Series, Carnival is also enhancing its popular shipboard house bands. The bands will feature both male and female lead singers, a more choreographed, themed and diverse set list, and increased interaction with guests. Nine Carnival ships currently feature the new bands, with implementation across the full fleet over the course of this year.

"Onboard entertainment is an important part of the overall guest experience when cruising," said Mark Tamis, senior vice president of guest operations for Carnival Cruise Lines. "With the Carnival LIVE Concert Series, our guests will enjoy an exclusive performance with one of their favorite artists for an extraordinary value. Combined with our enhanced house bands fleetwide, this is just another example of the many ways we are constantly looking to create even more fun and memorable moments for our guests."

Below is a preliminary concert list; visit to view the full list of 2014 Carnival LIVE concert dates. Note that these dates are subject to change and are the dates when the concert itself takes place, not the date the sailing begins.

Artist Concert Date Concert Ship Departure Port
Kansas 22-May-14 Cozumel, Mexico Breeze Miami
Jennifer Hudson 19-Jun-14 Cozumel, Mexico Breeze Miami
STYX 09-Oct-14 Cozumel, Mexico Breeze Miami
Lady Antebellum 20-Nov-14 Cozumel, Mexico Breeze Miami
REO 23-Apr-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
Foreigner 10-May-14 Nassau, Bahamas Ecstasy Miami
Martina McBride 14-May-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
Kansas 21-May-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
Chicago 04-Jun-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
Jennifer Hudson 18-Jun-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
Olivia Newton-John 28-Jun-14 Nassau, Bahamas Ecstasy Miami
Gavin DeGraw 20-Aug-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
STYX 08-Oct-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
Lady Antebellum 19-Nov-14 Cozumel, Mexico Ecstasy Miami
STYX 07-Apr-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
38 Special 07-Sep-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
Leann Rimes 29-Oct-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
Kansas 13-Nov-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
Trace Adkins 25-Nov-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
Daughtry 04-Dec-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
REO 15-Dec-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fantasy Charleston
STYX 08-Apr-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
Kansas 16-Apr-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
38 Special 06-Sep-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
Kansas 24-Sep-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
STYX 29-Sep-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
Trace Adkins 13-Oct-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
Trace Adkins 24-Nov-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
Daughtry 03-Dec-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
REO 17-Dec-14 Nassau, Bahamas Fascination Jacksonville
STYX 15-Sep-14 Catalina Island, CA Imagination Los Angeles
REO 22-Sep-14 Catalina Island, CA Imagination Los Angeles
Jewel 10-Nov-14 Catalina Island, CA Imagination Los Angeles
STYX 16-Sep-14 Catalina Island, CA Inspiration Los Angeles
REO 23-Sep-14 Catalina Island, CA Inspiration Los Angeles
Jewel 11-Nov-14 Catalina Island, CA Inspiration Los Angeles
REO 22-Apr-14 Cozumel, Mexico Paradise Tampa
Martina McBride 15-May-14 Cozumel, Mexico Paradise Tampa
Chicago 03-Jun-14 Cozumel, Mexico Paradise Tampa
Gavin DeGraw 21-Aug-14 Cozumel, Mexico Paradise Tampa
Kansas 15-Apr-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
Foreigner 09-May-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
Olivia Newton-John 27-Jun-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
Kansas 23-Sep-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
STYX 30-Sep-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Canaveral
Trace Adkins 14-Oct-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
Leann Rimes 28-Oct-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
Kansas 14-Nov-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando
REO 16-Dec-14 Nassau, Bahamas Sensation Orlando

Image Courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines

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