Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Costa Concordia Soon To Be On The Move

It's something the people of Giglio island have been waiting for since January 2012 when Costa Concordia foundered off their coast. Tragically, 32 lives were lost and the hulking wreck has been an eyesore and reminder ever since.

In preparation for its removal, the vessel was raised and righted in a technically difficult parbuckling operation last September. Subsequently, a failed sponson (one of the devices holding the ship upright) delayed the process of towing it off to Genoa, Italy to be scrapped, but recent Italian news reports indicate that the tow could be accomplished as early as next month. Genoa isn't that far from Giglio; however, towing Costa Concordia will be a delicate operation taking up to five days. An official announcement of the towing schedule is expected this month.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that pillar of nautical courage and character, the Captain?