Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Jazz Cruise ’15 Has a New ‘Song’ to Sing

In the world of marketing, you know you have something special when you can mention one name and everyone in the world conjures up the same image. Coke, Pepsi, Google, and Amazon are just a few examples of the one-word wonders, the holy grail of identity.

There are certainly a few names in jazz that have this same impact—Miles, Dizzy, Ella, Frank—but for a business or a location to have that same power is really something. Birdland is one example of one-word name recognition. When you say “Birdland,” it can be only in reference to one thing... a truly amazing place to hear jazz, perhaps the very best jazz in the world, when you are in New York. Thanks to the generosity of owner Gianni Valenti, The Jazz Cruise can now tell their great fans that Eurodam’s Ocean Bar will be transformed into the home for Birdland for events each night of the cruise, including a farewell event on the last night.

For past guests wondering what will happen to Freddy Cole and Freddy’s Club, do not fret, as four of the nights will feature Freddy’s Club at Birdland. The remaining nights are being planned right now, and cruise hosts at Entertainment Cruise Productions can assure you that they will be very special. To make the Birdland transformation complete, Gianni Valenti himself will be sailing with on Jazz Cruise ’15 and will usher in the festivities every night starting at 11:45 p.m. How authentic can you get?

The Jazz Cruise ’15 — Cabin Inventory
Good verandah and outside cabins remain, so now is the time to complete your reservation and secure your place on The Greatest Festival at Sea... The Jazz Cruise, which sets sail from Fort Lauderdale on Jan 25, 2015. For online reservations or more information, please visit the website or speak with a reservationist anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CDT Monday through Friday (toll-free) at 888.852.9987.

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