Friday, November 7, 2014

Malt Shop Memories: Music, Music & More Music

Miss Brenda Lee
Every night there’s a concert here on the Malt Shop Memories cruise and every night they have been terrific. The week isn’t over so I invite you to watch for a wrap-up story about them on in the coming week.

Here’s how the concerts work: upon boarding, guests are issued either a blue or red keycard —the color determines their show time and dinner seating; early show, late seating or vice versa. Mel and I are in the blue group and so far we’ve enjoyed Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Lloyd Price, Dion, Jan & Deans Beach Party, Charlie Thomas’ Drifters, and Brenda Lee in the Mainstage Show Lounge. Coming up we’re looking forward to the Temptations, Little Peggy March, and the grand finale farewell show starring The Beach Boys.

Al "Lil Fats" Jackson
One thing that has impressed up is the versatility of the artists performing for us. In addition to their own hits, they pay tribute to fellow singers and musicians by featuring their music. For instance, we saw Dion on Malt Shop Memories Cruise 2012 and he remains a commanding presence on stage who pays tribute to his friend the late Buddy Holly, as well as Eddie Cochran. Lloyd Price also performed songs by his mentor Fats Domino and Dean Torrence reminded us that Brian Wilson was instrumental in co-writing some of Jan & Dean’s hits. He and his band covered several Beach Boys songs—sort of a ‘prelude’ to their upcoming appearance.

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson have taken the stage in the Queen’s Lounge in remembrance of their father, the late Rick Nelson and Al “Lil Fats” Jackson has performed there in addition to his appearance at the poolside Sock Hop.

Of course there are tribute artists on board—George Trullinger as Buddy Holly; Sheri Winkelman as Marilyn Monroe and Cher; and in the “Jungle Room” (also known as Eurodam’s Crows Nest) some of the top Elvis Tribute Artists have kept us rocking.

We’re rocking, we’re rolling, and we still have a couple days to go with more live music and what will be a compelling session hosted by Dion in which he presents The Winter Dance Party Documentary and answers questions about that fateful night.

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