Friday, February 12, 2016

Chic Sandals For Your Cruise Vacation

With the groundhog predicting an early end to winter, it's time to think of warm weather and sandals to go with spring and summer fashions. Like many women, I'm always looking for the perfect go-to pair—they have to be stylish, but most importantly they must be comfortable. I think I've found perfection with NAOT Footwear's "Kayla" style.

You can see how chic they are in the photo at left, but it's how they feel that has my feet ready to happy dance. Mimicking the footprint you leave in wet sand at the beach, the footbed is designed for comfort. Starting at the front, Hallux support enables natural hold of the big toe to prevent the foot from slipping forward, the elevated center releases pressure in the joints of the center of the foot, arch support distributes body weight to reduce pressure, and a deep heel indentation helps the body to maintain balance and protects the heel bone. Beneath it all, the footbed is constructed of a blend of cork and latex for flexibility, durability, and shock absorption with a layer of latex sponge padding for softness. There are dozens of styles in an array of colors to choose from for women and men.

The story behind NAOT Footwear is as interesting as the shoes are comfortable. Founded by members of Kibbutz Naot Mordechi in 1942 to make simple work shoes and sandals, the one room workshop has grown to become Israel's leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes. Handmade in Northern Israel, every NAOT sandal is a shoe of peace—they are a joint effort of Israeli and Palestinian workers. Each year 15,000 pairs of NAOT shoes and sandals are donated to charities with the hope that their addition to the lives of less fortunate people will bring them joy and happiness one step at a time.

To learn more about this exceptionally comfortable footwear, visit NAOT online. To find an authorized retailer in the United States, call 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872).

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