Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Costa Cruises to Debut 'Mozarella Gourmet Bar' Featuring Authentic Buffalo Mozarella Made Onboard

You could call this news cheesy, but I call it deliziosa. In 2016, Costa Cruises will become the first cruise line in the world to produce authentic Mozarella di Bufala onboard. The Italian speciality will be featured in the new Mozarella Gourmet Bar on ships across its fleet where guests will be able to watch as the cheese is made—beginning with buffalo milk curd from Paestum Greek temples of Salerno, Italy—and then sample it while it is still warm.

The cheese will be paired with an assortment of cold cuts and other high-quality Italian specialities. Burrata, Stracciatella and the traditional Fior Di Latte will also be served. The Buffalo Mozzarella produced onboard will also be used in the fleet's Pummid’oro pizzerias for a truly special, handmade pizza. They will be the first and only pizzas offered on a cruise ship prepared with Mozzarella made on the spot and dough based on natural yeast, which is already being used in Costa's pizzerias thanks to a collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo.

This new offering is part of Costa's ongoing effort to bring the best in Italian cuisine on board. In addition to regional Italian menus and special gala night menus, crafted by two Italian, Michelin-star chefs, the line has partnered with popular brands like Barilla, Illy Caffé, Ferrari Spumante and Campari. Guests can enjoy burgers made with high-quality and 100-percent Italian Fasson meat and at Costa Diadema's Amarillo ice cream parlor, Agrimontana handmade ice cream makes the perfect midday treat. Costa has also collaborated with maître chocolatier Guido Gobino and maître pâtissier chocolatier Luigi Biasetto to bring Italian-style sweets onboard.

Costa Diadema will be the first ship to debut the new gourmet bar in 2016 and the rest of the ships in the fleet will begin to produce Buffalo Mozzarella onboard in 2017.

Image Courtesy Costa Cruises

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