Saturday, October 27, 2007

Captain Stubing Speaks

It's been 30 years since The Love Boat sailed onto our televisions and actor Gavin McLeod, who we know as Capt Stubing, remains Princess Cruises' most recognizable spokesman. Did you know there were two failed pilots for the show before McLeod took the helm of the smash hit?

I have to wonder if cruise vacations would have such broad appeal if The Love Boat had never aired. Take a walk down memory lane as Capt Stubing, oops--make that Gavin McLeod--reflects on his career and his favorite travel destinations, and the changes he's seen in cruising over the past three decades. Read the interview, "Love Boat Captain Gavin MacLeod: The Past, The Future and His Favorite Cruise Destinations" in the American Chronicle.

(Photo: Capt Stubing poses with Cruise Diva on board Crown Princess)

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