Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cruise Lines: Find One to Suit Your Lifestyle

A question I'm often asked is, “What is your favorite cruise line?” I've sailed on most of them and It's a question that I simply can't answer. You see, I like them all—for different reasons. Cruise lines, and even ships in the same fleet, have their plusses and minuses. What appeals to me might seem mildly quirky or even distasteful to you. That's why I've updated and revamped our Cruise Line Profiles on

No longer divided into the “classes” of old, modern cruise ships are more akin to sea-going democracies these days. Every passenger can expect the same amenities and choices. So, are all cruise lines alike? No, most certainly not. Some of the differences are subtle, but today’s cruise lines fall into three broad categories—Mainstream, Premium, and Luxury. Pick one to suit your Cruising Lifestyle.

When it comes time to decide on your next cruise, take a look at what the cruise lines have to offer and how their features vary. You may be surprised.

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