Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet SeaDreams

I have good news and bad news. First, the good stuff. SeaDream Yacht Club just might make you so comfy at night on their new Sweet Dreams Signature Beds that (here comes the bad news) you just might oversleep.

The new Sweet Dreams Signature Bedding Collection may be set up to your preference as either a queen-size or single bed. The snooze-inducing mattresses and pillow tops are fitted with silky Belgian linens, as well as your choice of woolen blankets or duvets and foam or down pillows. All SeaDream guests receive personally monogrammed blue and white, two-piece cotton pajamas to perfectly complement sweet dreams.

Interviewed for this announcement while reclining on one of the new beds--just before he nodded off--Larry Pimentel, SeaDream’s President & CEO, said “The addition of our new Sweet Dreams Signature Bedding collection is an example of how SeaDream’s attention to detail benefits our guests."

By the way, don't confuse the new in-stateroom beds with SeaDream’s Balinese SunBeds--the double beds up on deck where you can lounge by day in the sun or shade, and even spend the night sleeping under the stars if you wish. Don't forget your jammies!

For more info, take a photo tour and catch a video introduction to SeaDream Yacht Club. Or, read all about it in first-hand reviews of SeaDream cruises on

You'll have to excuse me, though. Zzzzz...

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