Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's A Dog's Life At Sea

From online message board posts, it's a given that cruisers love their "furbabies" and are concerned with their welfare when they leave home for a cruise vacation. Cruisers on private vessels feel the same, but can usually take their pets with them. However, in Dec 2007, the Darla Jean, a private 48 ft. motor sailor washed up on Fanning Island after spending 95 days drifting across the Pacific. On board were the boat owners and their pet dog, an eight-month old cocker spaniel named Snickers. After spending two weeks on Fanning Island, the owners returned to their home in California on an interisland supply ship, but Snickers wasn’t able to accompany them and he was left behind. The forlorn pooch spent the last four months on the island.

After hearing Snickers’ story, Las Vegas, Nevada resident (and all-around nice guy) Jack Joslin called the Hawaiian Humane Society for help in getting the dog off Fanning Island. The Humane Society contacted NCL America and asked for assistance in rescuing Snickers.

The best part of this story is that NCL America’s Pride of Aloha returned to Honolulu yesterday from a 12-day Hawaii cruise with one extra guest: the adorable Snickers. Working with the Hawaiian Humane Society, NCL America officials made arrangements for the abandoned puppy to be picked up by the ship during its planned stop in Fanning Island on April 9, 2008.

“We are pleased that we could help bring Snickers back to the United States,” said Alan Yamamoto, NCL America’s vice president of Hawaii operations. Following a stop in Honolulu, Snickers will be flown to his new owner in Las Vegas. We love happy endings.
Photo of Snickers, Courtesy of NCL America

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