Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carnival Triumph: New Cruise Review

Over the years, Vincent and Mary Finelli have been CruiseDiva.com's most prolific cruise reviewer contributors. The Finellis just completed their fourth cruise aboard Carnival Triumph and I am pleased to once again share their experience. This review is a bit different, however. Carnival Triumph's master, Captain Salvatore Messina, he impressed our veteran cruisers with his kindness and intelligent handling of their sticky situation—itinerary alterations caused by the erratic Hurricane Gustav.

Vincent relates that, "The itinerary was altered after Cozumel, Mexico. Instead of going East to Jamaica we went North, while Jamaica took a direct hit from the hurricane. Captain Messina kept us well out of harm's way, and we headed back for two fun filled sea days before landing at Half Moon Cay on Friday, a private white sand beach on a beautiful tropical island. On Saturday we landed at Nassau, Bahamas for another beautiful day. Whenever a port is dropped passengers always complain, but those with hurricane experience always avoid the high seas, wind and rain. It's an unwritten law! Bravo, Captain Messina."

One aspect of every cruise that Vincent shares is the accessibility of the ship he is aboard. You see, he uses a wheelchair and passengers with similar mobility issues can gain a lot of insight from his reviews. Truthfully, since breaking my leg last week, I've accrued a huge amount of admiration for Vincent and other special needs passengers and applaud them for getting out there and traveling!

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