Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eurodam News Blog Exceeds 1 Million Page Views

It's no surprise that one of my favorite cruise line blogs, the Eurodam News Blog, has a huge following. Designed as the primary portal for information about the construction and operation of the premium line's first Signature-class ship, ms Eurodam, which launched July 1, 2008, it's grown to be much more. The Eurodam News Blog is informative, as well as lighthearted and I'm sure other readers are as happy as I am to see it flourishing. You see, the Eurodam News Blog passed the 10-million-hit threshold and million-page-view mark this past week. The high traffic numbers can be attributed to compelling and entertaining postings such as the recent "Surf's Up—Catch a Bulb!" showing correspondent Pam Kern hangin' ten on the bulbous bow of Eurodam and providing an explanation for the function of the ship's protrusion. (That's Pam pictured here.)

"Eurodam News Blog has been an innovative new way for Holland America Line to engage guests and others in learning about Eurodam and how all our ships operate," said Richard Meadows, executive vice president, marketing, sales and guest programs. "As an interactive forum, we've received countless questions and requests for specific information and have responded with photos and posts. It's been a great project to engage guests, crew, travel agents, journalists, employees and cruise enthusiasts."

Live since June 2007, Eurodam News Blog provides unique insights into every aspect of the new ship. Regular posts cover a wide variety of topics, from interior decor to new public rooms to entertainment and dining venues and menu developments. In addition, it features profiles of the officers and shipboard staff. Since the ship's inaugural in July and its entry into service, the blog has featured content submitted by guests—some while they were still on board. Such categories as "Postcard from..." enable guests and crewmembers to submit photos and stories from Eurodam's ports of call. The site has a blog board composed of top Holland America Line executives from various departments who are involved in the shipbuilding process and serve as sources of site content. Visitors are encouraged to register and post comments and questions for responses.

If you only have time to read one cruise line blog each day, join Cruise Diva and make the Eurodam News Blog a part of your surfing routine.

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