Monday, September 8, 2008

UK Cruise Week Has Set Sail

Our British cousins are going to sea in ever greater numbers and, according to the Telegraph, there is growing interest about cruise travel in the UK. Last year, 38 per cent of people taking a cruise were first-timers, which is why National Cruise Week has been launched there. Running from Sept 7 to 14, a series of events will be held around the country to celebrate cruising. Adopt a dolphin, play a hand or two of poker, go to a beach party--there are lots of different things going on. Visitors can also talk to impartial agents about what type of cruise holiday would best suit them.

Check out National Cruise Week events and the related information about cruises in the Telegraph's Cruise Channel. Even we Yanks can learn a thing or two from the site, especially the useful insight into European ports of call.

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