Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying to South Africa

It's Monday morning, which means our Lufthansa flight has touched down in Frankfurt, Germany and we're preparing for a fourteen hour layover before boarding the next plane to Cape Town, South Africa.

Fourteen hours would be plenty of time to grab an express train from the airport that arrives in the heart of downtown in 15 minutes. From there, we could explore the Goethe Museum, the Museum of Communications, and one of the largest Jewish Museums in Germany. And we could sample some great wursts from any of the many sidewalk vendors.

How are we spending the day? After a long overnight flight—and with another one tonight—we're chilling out in the Sheraton Hotel that is just a short walk from Frankfurt's Rhein Main Airport terminals. The convenience of entering the hotel without leaving the airport was too seductive to pass up.

For our purpose, a room for the day was an ideal choice. I plan to catch up on the sleep I didn't get on the plane and look forward to a nice hot shower before we're on our way.

We'll be in Cape Town, South Africa tomorrow and boarding Silversea Cruise's Silver Wind bound for ports of call where we'll have the opportunity to see wild creatures in their natural habitat—and much more!

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