Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Silver Wind: Cape Town, South Africa

It was a wonderful feeling to finally arrive this morning after an 11-hour flight from Frankfurt. From what we understand, Lufthansa adds Cape town to its routing only in Germany’s winter months—South Africa is a great warm weather destination when it’s below freezing in Europe (as it was yesterday). The driver who met us at the airport and transferred us to Silver Wind told us the difference between American visitors and those from Great Britain is that Americans ask a lot of questions, while our British cousins simply want to know where the best beaches are.

Because we arrived at the ship hours before the official embarkation time of 3pm, we opted to pay for early embarkation ($100/person) in order to get a head start on our cruise. It made a lot of sense for us to take advantage of the opportunity to go aboard early as we were tired and hungry. By the time we finished lunch at the Pool Grill, our luggage was in our veranda suite. I unpacked while Mel went to the gym to work out the air travel kinks. There was even time for showers and a power nap before dinner.

If tonight was any indication, we’ll be eating quite well this week—the tenderloin of beef with ratatouille was tender and delicious. Our breakfast order is on the doorknob and we’re adjusting our schedule to local time by preparing for some well-deserved slumber.

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