Monday, January 5, 2009

How To: Select Your Cruise Ship Cabin

"What does it matter? I'll only use the cabin for changing my clothes and sleeping!"

Ah, I've heard that sentiment expressed many times. If it truly doesn't matter to you, go ahead and book the very least expensive category guarantee you can find. On the other hand, if you view your cabin as your sanctuary, you will want a bit more than "standard inside."

Cruise ship cabins are not all created equal; however, they are all designed for comfort, convenience, and practicality. Standard cabins on modern cruise vessels haven't quite achieved parity with land based resort accommodations in terms of size, but cruise lines have recognized that small touches (and more spacious quarters) go a long way toward overall passenger satisfaction. You are likely these days to find your cabin equipped with amenities such as personal safes, robes for use on board, hairdryers, and toiletries—the little niceties that hotels have long provided for their guests.

So, what will it be... Inside or Outside? Balcony Stateroom or Suite? Take a look at the accommodations available before you Select Your Cruise Ship Cabin.

Pictured above: Celebrity Solstice, AquaClass stateroom 1605
Photo © Linda Coffman

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