Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is it easy to "FALL" from a cruise ship?

While the news has been full of a recent incident in which a woman fell to her death from Norwegian Pearl off the coast of Mexico, and the Coast Guard has called off their search for a Carnival Sensation crewmember who accidentally went overboard as the ship was returning to it's homeport in Port Canaveral this past week, luckier passengers have actually been rescued alive.

Tragically, there have been instances of passenger suicides and suspicious disappearances over the years. But, by and large, a cruise ship is no different from any other vacation spot. Caution should be observed in any unfamiliar surroundings, particularly those that move. Along with sun screen and a bathing suit, the most important thing to pack for your cruise is the good judgment you use in everyday situations.

Is it that EASY to simply "fall" off a cruise ship? At Cruise Diva, we don't think so. We examine the issue and try to answer the question: Can you "FALL" off a cruise ship?

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