Saturday, August 8, 2009

Accessibility and Cruise Travel

When I broke my leg last year I experienced first-hand the challenges mobility impaired travelers face on a daily basis. Confined to a wheelchair for more than two months, I then spent weeks walking with a boot/brace device and used a cane for balance after extensive physical therapy.

In the process, I gained a huge helping of humility and enormous respect for fellow cruisers who overcome personal challenges in their everyday lives. Even today, I evaluate "handicapped" facilities from a different perspective.

A mere dozen years ago "accessibility" on a cruise ship meant little more than a few inside staterooms set aside for mobility impaired passengers. Most public restrooms and nearly all en suite bathrooms had a "step-over" entryway—even passengers without mobility problems often tripped until they became accustomed to them.

Cruise Diva examines Accessible Cruise Travel and offers tips to plan ahead for your next cruise whether you use a wheelchair or scooter or need some other type of life support on board.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this article appreciate any article on HC crusing. Just not enough talk out there. Maw

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

I'm glad you found it helpful.

Best, Linda