Monday, August 24, 2009

Cruise Travel: Your First Aid Kit

Before I could fully explain how I scraped my knee aboard Holland America Line's Veendam, the ship's nurse smiled and pointed to several baskets of supplies on her desk when I appeared in the infirmary. I left with several adhesive bandages, a packet of Neosporin cream, and the advice that swimming in one of the ship's salt water pools would promote healing.

Over the years, I've stubbed my toes, toppled down stairs, and experienced any number of other clumsy little accidents, not to mention nasty cuts while swimming over coral reefs, and the ultimate indignity—blisters from 'stylish' shoes.

With the exception of the time I broke my leg, fortunately most of my injuries were minor. Unfortunately, they didn't all happen within close proximity of the ships' medical centers. As a result, I've learned to be prepared at all times with basic items for first aid. My tote bag always contains a few adhesive bandages and a small bottle of waterless antibacterial hand sanitizer, which can also be used to clean small cuts.

For all around care for minor bumps, bruises, and cuts, here are Cruise Diva's suggestions for a Cruising First Aid Kit.

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