Monday, October 19, 2009

Cruise Travel: Luggage Tags, Then & Now

Slowly but surely, the cruise industry is catching on to the efficiencies of airline-style e-ticketing and passengers are seeing cruise document packets being replaced by e-documents.

Quite simply, either you or your travel agent can input all the necessary pre-boarding information online at the cruise line's web site and then print out the documents you need for check in at the terminal, including luggage tags. Paper Luggage Tags? Really?

While most passengers have no complaint about printing e-documents for their cruise, luggage tags printed on paper are a cause for concern. As frequent cruiser George Hall said recently, "Someone will have to explain to me how these paper tags stay on through the process."

Cruise Diva has had occasion to print out and use the paper luggage tags several times and offers suggestions for how to keep them securely in place: Luggage Tags, Then & Now.

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