Friday, October 23, 2009

Trim Your Cruise Wardrobe, Pack Light, Be Fashionable & Practical

Do you ever worry about getting your luggage?

You probably wonder why I am asking. Just what does that have to do with your cruise wardrobe? Everything, if you don't have it! According to cruise line Hotel Managers and Guest Satisfaction Directors I’ve spoken to over the years, their passengers’ biggest complaints are poor airline service and lost luggage—situations over which the cruise lines have little or no control.

It never occurred to me that I’d ever be separated from my luggage until it happened. A sinking feeling is hard to overcome when the baggage carousel stops spitting out suitcases and yours aren’t there. I know that feeling and it drove this Cruise Diva to change her packing habits.

No one really needs seven suitcases! I decided that fourteen pairs of shoes were about ten pairs too many and, who says you can’t wear the same thing twice, particularly on a lengthy cruise?

This is how I went to Europe for a 15-night cruise with everything I really needed in a regulation carry on and a backpack style purse: Pack Light.


Sandy said...

My husband and I take one to two cruises every year, and each time we go we pack lighter and lighter. After each cruise we realize that some of the things we bring never get used- my very first cruise I brought a huge stack of magazines to read on the balcony and never cracked open the first one! He and I have trimmed down our packing process to the point where we can both share ONE large suitcase, and each have just a small carry-on for personal items. I will never "over" pack again! Love your blog!

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Hi Sandy,

I did the very same thing with magazines and books on several cruises. I leave them home and visit ships' libraries instead.

Best, Linda