Monday, January 25, 2010

Top Ten Cruise Travel Tips: A Cruise Diva's Must-Haves

What are the secret little comforts that will make your cruise the best it can be? Cruise Diva shares her top-ten favorites.

1. Travel Alarm Clock. Most staterooms don't have them.
2. Business Card Case. A small wallet or bi-fold case will hold your boarding pass, onboard charge/key card and a picture ID for going ashore.
3. Post-It Notes. Handy for leaving messages for your cabin attendant, traveling companion, and shipboard friends.
4. Binoculars. Use them inside as well as outside--to examine artwork, sculptures, and architectural elements high up in museums and cathedrals.
5, Pre-Addressed Stick-On Labels. For postcards to the folks back home--you won't have to carry a bulky address book.
6. Nightlight. Especially useful for passengers in dark inside cabins.
7. Extension Cord. Most cabins only have one or two electrical outlets near the desk/vanity table. That may not be enough and they may not be where your need them.
8. Insulated Mug With Lid. Fill it at the beverage station in the buffet area--your drinks will stay hot or cold and you won't have to worry about spills.
9. Germicidal Hand Cleaner. A must for adventure excursions where soap and water might not be available.
10. Paperback Books. When you've finished reading them, leave them behind for the crew library.

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