Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Carnival Fantasy: Final Sea Day

No cruise on Carnival Fantasy would be complete without towel animals to wish us sweet dreams each night and I believe our cabin steward Henrry (who says they don’t know how to spell in his native Guatemala) creates the very best towel animals afloat.

In fact, his creations are so well made that we now have a towel animal zoo lined up on the windowsill of our cabin. Unfortunately, we can’t take them home—stealing towels is really frowned upon and I’m afraid they wouldn’t make the trip without falling apart.

Happily, I am taking home a pink elephant “towel pal” for a friend who has just had a baby. The cute little terrycloth critters are available in the gift shop here aboard Carnival Fantasy for $7.50 apiece or two for $12.00. Pictured here are Henrry’s towel elephant and our little pink pal.

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