Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Carnival Fantasy: In Nassau

“Liquid sunshine” is how our taxi driver described the weather that greeted Carnival Fantasy’s arrival in Nassau. We could see it pouring rain across the harbor at Atlantis, but it merely drizzled on us as we walked through town and up the hill to Graycliff where Mel always buys cigars when we visit Nassau. The drizzle turned to a downpour soon after we arrived so we watched the rollers make cigars in the small factory and relaxed a bit in the comfy cigar smoking room until we decided it would be a good idea to take a taxi back to the pier.

Sadly, on the walk over to Graycliff we noticed our favorite coffee shop had closed and the rain precluded a trip back to the straw market where we’d seen some interesting carved wind chimes earlier. It’s a bit hard to tell how much progress has been made on the new straw market building, but construction is in progress.

Back aboard Carnival Fantasy and in dry clothes, we’re looking forward to a relaxing afternoon and tonight’s Guest Talent Show, which is always entertaining.

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