Thursday, August 19, 2010

Does My Cruise Vacation HAVE To End?

Other than hearing “are we there yet?” from little ones in the back seat during a family road trip, the saddest vacation quote I can think of is “it’s time to disembark the vessel.”

Royal Caribbean International has felt our pain and passengers on European sailings who wish to remain on board longer on departure day may now sign up in advance of the cruise for their Late Departure Program. Sign up online under Shore and Land Excursions for the port of call where the cruise terminates.

In another variant of “I don’t want the vacation to end yet,” for passengers on Oasis of the Seas who have time before their flight leaves, Royal Caribbean is testing an Extended Stay program that allows the Oasis passengers to store their luggage and enjoy a day in Hollywood, Florida in and around the boardwalk. This opportunity encompasses shopping, dining, going to the beach, riding the trolley, and/or relaxing at the cruise lines’ hospitality center. This opportunity is also available as a shore excursion under the port of call, Ft. Lauderdale, for all guests sailing on board Oasis of the Seas.


Royal Caribbean Fan said...

A great way for Royal Caribbean to get more money from their passengers. Not sure how successful this will become because personally when i know my cruise is about to end you just prepare for it and accept you dont want it to drag on while everyone else is really busy welcoming the new guests.

Cruise Deals said...

This is a good way for RC to increase customer loyalty with this scheme as it alowes the customers greater flexibility with their travel and forward planning