Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tweet Carnival With Your Questions

When you have a question or concern about your Carnival cruise, who you gonna call? Provided that you can ask it in 140 characters or less, now you can tweet Carnival Cruise Lines for an answer.

Carnival has expanded its guest service options with a new Twitter profile that is specifically assigned to cruise-related questions or pre- or post-cruise comments from guests sailing aboard the “Fun Ships.”

Through the new Twitter profile (, you can submit questions regarding any aspect of “Fun Ship” cruising or post a query, comment, or concern, either prior to or following your voyage. Carnival’s guest service personnel are monitoring and responding to posts.

The new service-focused Twitter profile complements the line’s existing Twitter profile (, which offers a variety of news and information on the happenings at Carnival.

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Cruise Deals said...

Carnival are trying very hard to make use of social media to achieve their goals with these twitter accounts and facebook booking system

good on them I say