Saturday, August 28, 2010

Find a Cruise, or an Embarkation Port on Your iPhone

As a rule, I'm not one to promote products that I don't own or have at least tried out. However, I'm not about to give up my trusty BlackBerry for an iPhone, so this is something I can't share first-hand experience with. The ability to view deck plans on a small screen is probably better left to people with keener eyesight than mine, but I do like the idea of having port directions at hand whenever I need them. I know iPhone users love their apps, so this one is for them.

Any iPhone owners out there? Feedback is appreciated.


Atlantic Turtle said...

The various cruise apps for the iphone are very good, but some may be a bit inaccurate. The family takes a taxi from airports to the cruise port for most of the time, so it really isn't necessary. However, on a large ship such as Carnival Dream, Norweigan Epic, or Oasis of the seas, the deck plans are very helpful for finding small nooks and crannies ( bars , reading corners , or even spa areas ) that aren't seen on the first tour.

Anonymous said...

If a ship is so big you have to carry a deck plan in your phone, the ship is way too big. Its a ship, not a floating resort complete with botanical gardens. I haven't fully accepted atriums.

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

In many cases, such as the popular "drive-to" embarkation ports, there may be even more passengers arriving in private vehicles than being transported to the port in taxis and buses.

Actually, even if my BlackBerry could store deck plans, I'd still probably carry the one provided onboard in the form of a folding card instead. When I go on a cruise, I turn off my phone and leave it in the safe.

Short Cruises said...

This is just another great example of cruise company's moving with the time and in bracing technology
which is nothing but positive

Jonathan Lei said...

Some people love cruising leviathans, over 120,000 tons, with many passengers and amenities. Others prefer smaller vessels such as yachts of seaborne, or Princess small ships. It's up to the individual vacationer to decide what kind of cruise ship they want to have. People who criticize other types of cruise ships are annoying, if you don't like the size ( or lack of size ) of the ship, don't sail on it.