Sunday, May 1, 2011

Carnival Magic Fun Facts

At Cruise Diva we love ship Fun Facts and share many on our web site. Now that Carnival Cruise Lines has launched their newest “Fun Ship” and we’re on board, we’d like to share some Fun Facts that our hosts have revealed to us.

In the first year of service alone, aboard the 130,000-ton, 3,690-passenger Carnival Magic, it is expected that:

Carnival Magic’s photographers will snap more than 1.5 million digital images and portraits
• Passengers will devour 242,000 servings of Carnival’s signature dessert, the Chocolate Melting Cake, along with 346,000 pizzas and 145,200 cappuccinos
• Approximately 26,600 meals will be served in the Prime Steakhouse
• Chefs in the vessel’s galley will use roughly 22,000 pounds of flour
• Nearly 100 metric tons of pineapples will be consumed, mostly in frothy tropical drinks!
• Stateroom stewards will place more than 2 million individual pieces of chocolate on guests’ pillows and create more than 663,000 of Carnival’s popular “towel animals”
• Guests will indulge in 18,000-plus massages, nearly 9,000 facials, more than 6,000 slimming treatments, and some 2,000 personal fitness consultations in the Carnival Magic’s “Cloud 9 Spa”

Chocolate and pizza...we won’t even hazard a guess as to the average passenger’s weight gain during a typical Carnival Magic cruise. Nor will we divulge ours!

Image Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines

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