Monday, May 2, 2011

Do You Believe In Magic?

The naming of a cruise ship is a special event and everyone wants to get it right. Aboard Carnival Magic, a couple “glitches” cropped up during the naming ceremony as godmother Lindsey Wilkerson approached a replica of the ship’s “Fun Ship” funnel on stage in the Showtime Theater. Joined by Captain Giovanni Cutugno, as she readied to push the button and send a bottle of champagne smashing against the bow, it was noticed there was no bottle hanging on the apparatus! Oops. Fortunately, magician Jason Byrne was on hand to pull the lost bottle of bubbly out of a hat and make it reappear outside. Then the box containing the button was locked and no one had the key. Enter Jason to again conjure up the key.

All went well as the bottle dropped and broke with an impressive shower of champagne. With a huge smile Captain Cutugno proclaimed, “This is the place to be for magic.”

Almost as magical was our sailing from Venice—a city of magic—on a beautiful spring afternoon. Yes, I now believe in magic.

Photo of Lindsey Wilkerson & Captain Cutugno ©

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