Sunday, May 15, 2011

Silver Spirit: Social Spots

At our first dinner in Silver Spirit’s Restaurant we were fortunate to be seated next to a lovely couple—World Cruisers from the southern United States. Although we were each seated at tables for two, we chatted throughout dinner and look forward to seeing them again during this segment of the cruise. In fact, had they not been so friendly I wouldn’t have discovered a dessert I plan to order again—dates and nuts (in this case, pecans) with a glass of port wine.

We weren’t the only passengers to embark in Barcelona, but we were somewhat concerned that many others already on board would have forged friendships and we would be outsiders. That hasn’t turned out to be the case at all. Aside from the Restaurant, one of the most social spots aboard Silver Spirit is the Panorama Lounge where the seating is as comfortable as it looks in the photo here. It’s where the coffee corner is available for early risers in the morning, team trivia is played in the afternoon, canapés are served before dinner, and where we’ve danced away the night.

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