Monday, May 9, 2011

Carnival Magic: I Love The Nightlife

Wow! There’s music everywhere aboard Carnival Magic. Every evening at 5 pm the RedFrog Pub (pictured here) is the place to be for a sunset party and the guitarist playing Caribbean sounds that continue through the night. For listening and dancing, the combo in Ocean Plaza has a diverse playlist and they’ve had the dance floor full at all hours of the afternoon and night. The piano bar is so popular that I have yet to find a seat inside, but there is seating nearby. Across the promenade, the dance club Vibe really gets rocking with the DJ spinning everything from 60s Motown to up-to-date hits. In the atrium, where the bandstand is elevated above the bar, the music carries throughout several decks.

For parents who want a night out, there’s the usual babysitting and something new—Camp Carnival NightOwls. The NightOwls program starts at 10 pm, carries a fee, and offers supervised activities in three age group ranges. Children 2-11 may participate until midnight and the fee is $13 per child. Children age 6-8 can stay up a bit later and are accommodated until 1 am for a $20 per child fee. For parents of older children in the age 9-11 range, the program ends at 3 am when the children are escorted to their staterooms and the fee is $33 per child. A 15% gratuity is also added to the fee.

While Camp Carnival NightOwls is presently available only on Carnival Magic, the program will roll out fleetwide in June.

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Anonymous said...

Good photo. Who took it?

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Thank you. I took that picture.