Friday, August 5, 2011

Carnival’s Rolling Out The Barrels of Private Label Beer

It was so popular aboard Carnival Magic during the inaugural cruise that thirsty passengers drank up on the first night the supply that was supposed to last the entire cruise. I’m talking about ThirstyFrog Red, Carnival Cruise Lines’ private label draught beer that debuted in Carnival Magic’s Caribbean-themed RedFrog Pub in May. In fact it has proven to be such a hit that it’s being rolled out to other ships in the fleet.

Currently, 15 “Fun Ships” offer the popular amber-colored brew in select bars and lounges with three others expected to receive kegs of ThirstyFrog Red over the next few weeks.

Since its introduction two months ago, passengers have bellied up to the bar to savor ThirstyFrog Red’s rich taste and delicate aroma, with toasted notes resulting from the fine caramel and black malts used during the brewing process. The brew is served ice-cold on tap in the line’s signature ThirstyFrog Red pint glasses, which are also available for sale on board.

When Cruise Diva and Mel boarded Carnival Magic in Venice for the inaugural sailing we retired fairly early that first night and missed the opportunity to be among the throng that drank the RedFrog Pub dry. However, when the supply of ThirstyFrog Red was replenished, we were able to try it out. Not being big beer drinkers, it’s difficult to judge the taste in comparison to other boutique beers, but I certainly enjoyed it enough to order a second glass to toast the volcanic eruption as Carnival Magic sailed past the island of Stromboli. ThirstyFrog Red Beer and Stromboli were a Magical combination on a memorable night.

Image Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines

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