Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby On Board: Packing For Little Cruisers

Over the years Cruise Diva has packed literally hundreds of suitcases. Some would say that makes me an expert, but they would be wrong. When it comes to packing for myself and my husband, yes I know the ins and outs, but I was clueless about packing for babies until I got some help from actual mommies.

I always welcome input, especially to the Packing Lists found on Here's one from Arlene Morgan that I think is fun and unique:
"Hello. Thank you for your tips on packing for a cruise! I will be using them all! Particularly loved the idea of the over the door hanger for the bathroom. I wanted to add an item to your baby painters tape. I know it's odd, but I have found it to be a source of amusement for the kids as well as practical. It can be used for fun and also safety, ie: taping over electrical outlets, tv buttons , taping up the days artwork. It is much less damaging than stronger silver tape. Hope you can use my tip!"
Thanks, Arlene! I hope moms with little ones can use your suggestion on their next cruise.

Do you have a favorite packing idea? Have I left something out that you feel is absolutely essential? Leave a comment here or write to me and let me know. Moms, please add your ideas and suggestions to the Cruise Packing List for Babies as well. You are the experts in that area!

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