Friday, December 30, 2011

The Vikings Are Coming

Noted as one of the world's leading river cruise companies (with a fleet of 23 river vessels in service and 8 more in the works), Viking River Cruises plans on going to sea with their newly christened Viking Ocean Cruises. To achieve that end, the new cruise line has placed an order with shipbuilder STX France in St Nazaire for two 41,000-ton, 888-passenger cruise ships to be delivered in spring 2014 and spring 2015.

Taking a cue from Viking's popular destination oriented river cruises, the two luxurious ocean-going cruise ships will launch with destination cruising in mind and primarily sail in the Mediterranean where they will appeal to North American, British, and Australian passengers. With a planned staffing of 444 crew members, we expect the service will be top drawer.

Sadly, we don't have an image to share and there's very little additional information available at this time. That should change when construction begins in fall 2012 and we'll keep you posted.

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jason @ corfu villa said...

At last, some positive travel news!

Good luck to the Vikings! Long may they invade!