Monday, November 12, 2012

Follow the Costa Concordia Wreck-Removal Project on Informational Website

Removal of the wreckage of Costa Concordia is proving to be a painstakingly slow process with many considerations, including environmental issues and the depth of the water beyond the shelf on which the ship lies.

Costa Cruises, in partnership with Titan/Micoperi, has launched a website that provides indepth information and images relating to the Costa Concordia wreck-removal project at

"Parbuckling" is the technical term for the process of rotating the wreck into an upright position—one of the most complex and crucial phases of the removal plan.

The website is available in both Italian and English (though some parts are only available in Italian), and provides a reference resource for anyone interested in learning more about the monumental and unprecedented technical challenge underway. The site's main features include background information about the project and the companies involved, up-to-date news, multimedia assets including videos, 3-D animations and pictures; thematic insights and technical details.

The removal plan is an extremely dynamic operation, so the website will be constantly updated to reflect the different phases of the plan and covering the future timetable and workflows.

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