Thursday, November 1, 2012

Malt Shop Memories Cruise, The Difference

There are music-themed cruises and then there is Entertainment Cruise Productions, which hosts only full-ship charter cruises. Everyone on board has full access to all shows and events that follow the theme. In the case of The Malt Shop Memories Cruise, that means the music and fun we all enjoyed in the 1950s and 60s. From poodle skirts at the sock hop to formals for Prom Night, the majority of our fellow passengers are displaying great creativity in their choice of attire and accessories.

We may be “seniors,” but we remember the fun we had in our teen years and this is the place to relive those good times—on board Holland America Line’s Eurodam, one of the most elegant ships at sea.

Not only does Entertainment Cruise Productions provide the artists to entertain us and a great floating playground, they also give us pillow gifts. Every night is like our birthday when we return to our staterooms after dinner and an exceptional show. In addition to the tee-shirts that were included in our pre-cruise package, once on board we received a great souvenir book that includes our daily schedule and pages for notes and autographs. Plus, lanyards were provided to carry our key cards with the cards thoughtfully pre-punched for easy use. Since then we’ve been surprised with caps, backpacks, mugs, and more.

However, the finest gift of all is the opportunity to experience live performances by the artists and musicians who enriched our younger years and hear their stories—all in one place. And this is the only place on land or at sea where that happens.

A personal favorite aspect of The Malt Shop Memories Cruise is the camaraderie on board. It’s always cool to travel with a group and this is the ultimate group—one that shares our interests in music, as well as life in general.

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