Monday, January 12, 2015

Pearl Seas Cruises is Exploring Cuba Itinerary Options

With the normalization of US-Cuba relations and travel to the island nation seemingly just around the corner, cruise industry newcomer Pearl Seas Cruises is exploring possible itinerary options for Cuba.

The newest high-end specialty ship cruise line in the United States, Pearl Seas Cruises has developed a new style of upscale small ship cruising, starting with its brand new 210-passenger flagship, the Pearl Mist. The ship features the latest technology in safety, navigation, and communication and the finest accommodations and amenities. Cuba cruises would offer guests a genuine experience to a variety of different ports, particularly those which larger ships cannot visit. Rich in history and culture, Cuba is a great fit from a passenger-interest perspective.

“Cuba has been on our radar for quite some time,” said a spokesperson for Pearl Seas Cruises. “Our small ships are perfect for exploring the most beautiful areas by docking in small towns or in the heart of historic cities in addition to Havana. Many ports require infrastructural changes to accommodate larger ships, but we can visit easily. Our clientele is well-traveled and enjoys visiting exotic destinations where they can find enriching experiences.”

Pearl Seas Cruises is considering cruises which will operate on both the Southern and Northern coasts of Cuba. Cruises could begin and conclude in South Florida or at one of many island nations near Cuba. Various length cruises are being considered, all which will offer a unique perspective of Cuban culture—its heritage, education, economy, history and more. Further details on the line’s consideration of Cuba as a cruising destination will be released in the coming months.

The Pearl Mist currently operates various Great Lakes, Canadian Maritimes, and New England cruises. Caribbean cruises are planned for 2015.

Image Courtesy Pearl Seas Cruises

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